5 Fandom Friday. On a Tuesday. Frick.

I spent the majority of last week doing all the prep for my daughter’s rainbow birthday party we just had this past Sunday! It was a big success, and they’ll be a post about, but getting everything clean, made, decorated, and all around ready for the party ate up pretty much all of my week. Therefore, blogging fell so far behind. So it’s time to play a little catch up!


This past 5 Fandom Friday topic (hosted by The Nerdy Girlie and SuperSpaceChick) is a great one – Presents I Want Santa To Bring Me! My list includes all the outrageously expensive gifts I didn’t put on my Christmas list for people as they just cost Way. Too. Much. Thus, perfect for Santa!

1. A (giant) set of Copic Markers. I’m going to contradict myself now, as I actually DID include a set of these on my Christmas list just for the heck of it, but not one this big. This is my #1 item to save money and purchase for myself next year as I am dying to use them (and have so many ideas for them!).

2. This portrait lens. You’ve seen it already on my Camera Wishlist post. Yup, still want it. 😀

3. Completely unnecessary but completely fantastic video game figurine/statue thingies. My geeky collectible shelves are dying to have some of these on them!

4. A laptop. We are planning on buying one next year (no idea what kind yet), but it’d be amazing if one just appeared under our tree.

5. A WiiU. I picked WiiU over PS4 for this as I have no plans to buy a WiiU. I’d like it, but it would a complete and total frivolous purchase. There are only a few games I actually want to play for it, and I hardly have time to play console games at it is. But I’d still love it!


5 Fandom Friday


I’m really excited for this week’s 5 Fandom Friday topic (hosted by The Nerdy Girlie and SuperSpaceChick):

My Favorite Holiday Songs To Spread Cheer!

Why am I so excited for this topic? It gives me a reason to fangirl about one of my absolute favorite musical groups – Pentatonix. I’ve never been one that’s too over-the-top about Christmas music. My mum had this one CD we listened to every single year while decorating the tree, and therefore it always give me nostalgic feels, but that’s about it. Until Pentatonix released their first Christmas CD, PTXMas. I absolutely love a capella music, and PTX just takes it to a whole new level, even just for Christmas music. This year they released a second album, That’s Christmas To Me (which is an original Christmas song they wrote!) and it’s fabulous. Below are my top five faves of theirs, which I’ve been obsessed with lately.

1. Mary Did You Know. I’d never even heard of this Christmas song prior to hearing their version and it’s just SO BEAUTIFUL. The harmonies!! My ears can’t take it. Despite being not at all religious, I often find very religious Christmas music to be the most beautiful, and this rings true here.

2. Silent Night (Live). GOOD LORD THE HARMONIES. I die. Just so achingly beautiful. Also, I couldn’t imagine just being able to create such beautiful music at the drop of a hat like this. Extraordinary.

3. Carol of the Bells. This song is actually my all time favorite Christmas song, and this version is amazing.

4. That’s Christmas To Me. Not only is the fact that it’s an original Christmas song cool, but I love the harmonies (are you sensing a theme here??) and it just fills me with the holiday feels.

5. Dance of The Sugar Plum Fairy. Another excellent Christmas song (I’ve always wanted to see this ballet!) and I love this version. Slightly dark and creepy, even without the video, and I like that take on it. Plus, I am astounded at how amazing people can sound when they are basically just singing versions of ‘da’ and ‘dum’ over and over.

When I’m listening to non-Pentatonix Christmas music, I tend to favor pretty traditional Christmas music, either instrumental or choir type. No pop stuff here (in fact, even some of PTX’s ‘poppier’ Christmas stuff I struggle with).

What’s your favorite Christmas song, or type of holiday music?

5 Fandom Friday


Skipped last week, but back on board with The Nerdy Girlie and SuperSpaceChick’s fun link up! This week’s topic:

Smart Phone Apps I Can’t Live Without!

This is actually a bit tricky for me as A: I haven’t had a smartphone for all THAT long, and B: I don’t do a ton on my phone. Therefore, most of my most used/fave apps are pretty run-of-the-mill boring. Hopefully I’ll find new ones from other people’s posts!

1. Instagram. Not too shocking. It’s about 50% of the reason I GOT a smartphone (you can judge, it’s okay 😉 ). I love scrolling through pics, and I love sharing pics. Also, my little loves to scroll through the #catsofinstagram tag. Not even four, and already a cat lady.

2. Afterlight. One of the few apps I’ve paid for (I’m cheap about apps!). I love to take and share photos, even though my phone camera isn’t the best. Since I’m used to using the latest version of Adobe Lightroom to edit my regular pics, Instagram’s editing options just weren’t cutting it for me. I tried this app after reading about it on a post from My Life As A Teacup and it’s great. Definitely recommend if you want a phone photo editor.

3. Pinterest. I use Pinterest on my phone more than on my computer. It’s such a great time waster, but also can be really helpful!

4. Meow Meow Star Acres. I’m still hopelessly addicted to this game. Yup.

5. IMDB. Is that a weird one?? Well, I use it a lot! My friends and I like to discuss movies at length, especially after watching something we’ve never seen before, and I am always whipping up IMDB to look up one thing or another. Most recent use? Finding out who voices Shining Armor on MLP – he sounded so familiar yet I couldn’t put a face to him. Turns out he was on an ep of Supernatural, which is probably why I know his voice.

5 Fandom Friday


Happy Halloween!!

Today in the fun linkup from The Nerdy Girlie and SuperSpaceChick, it’s all about your top five Halloween candy!

My daughter was ten months old for her first Halloween, and at that age we were not letting her have sweets. But we absolutely took her trick-or-treating for the sole purpose of scoring ourselves candy. Well, that, and seeing her dressed up in a tiger suit was just THE CUTEST THING EVER.

See? We even taught her to roar. 😀

I am actually a rather picky candy eater though. I really only like different varieties of chocolate candy, my top five being:

1. Kit Kat
Definitely my all around favorite candy bar, and not just at Halloween.

2. Three Musketeers
I love a good Three Musketeers, but definitely not the mint or dark chocolate varieties. Just the original please!

3. Reeses
Any form of Reeses is fine with me. It’s hard to mess up peanut butter and chocolate.

4. M&Ms
Just a classic, and I still love them. Peanut Butter is my favorite variety, but even plain are yummy!

5. Sweet Tarts
About the only non-chocolate candy that I really love! I love to suck on them so last a long time. However, I have definitely made the mistake of eating way too many in a row, and then your tongue tends to feel like it has a chemical burn….not quite what I’m going for.

I missed last week’s 5 Fandom post so I’m adding it onto the end of today’s – my top five favorite Halloween flicks and/or scary movies!

1. Beetlejuice
I adore this movie. I know most of it by heart, and it the first Blu-Ray the hubs ever bought me haha! I first saw it really young, when Beetlejuice’s transformations at the end were terrifying to me, yet I still loved it! Plus the combo of Tim Burton directing and Danny Elfman scoring is always fantastic.

2. The Ring
I saw this in high school and it scared the hell out of me. I became terrified of my TV, and TV static. I still have to look away at certain parts when I watch it because the distorted faces just freak me right out. However, it was a really well done horror film and it’s still one of my faves. I’ve never seen the sequels and don’t plan on it – this film is great on it’s own.

3. Poltergeist
Another classic that I saw when I was young and fell in love with. Plus, I find all the weird happenings to the cast and crew fascinating (though terrifying if it were happening to me!). Like The Ring, I’ve never seen the sequels.

4. The Exorcism of Emily Rose
I actually didn’t see this when it came out, but years later I watched it and was very impressed with it. I like how it was set up with the trial, and the whole time the possession is being questioned – was she mentally ill, or was she possessed? Also, fun fact, I went to school with an Emily Rose at the time this came out. Luckily, no one made fun of her!

5. Seven
I have to include one movie with a serial killer! I found this movie fascinating yet horrifying all at the same time. It also left me relatively terrified of Kevin Spacey for a bit haha. I have always found movie about real people/serial killers (vs monsters or ghosts) to be WAY more terrifying simply because I feel like it could happen to me at any time! And a few other of my favorite serial killer movies: Silence of The Lambs, Red Dragon, and the first SAW (NOT the sequels….yuck).

5 Fandom Friday


Another Friday, another post for The Nerdy Girlie and SuperSpaceChick‘s awesome linkup! This week’s theme:

Characters I’d Love To Dress Up As

I haven’t actually done too much dressing up in my adult life. I did have one year where I went all out with a Rocky Horror costume, which was both terrifying and liberating all at the same time. But other than that, there haven’t been many! I’d really like to change that in the coming years, especially as my daughter is now old enough to really love dressing up. I would love to do family Halloween costumes!

1. Princess Peach
My love for Princess Peach has nothing to do with the Mario games. I developed a love for her thanks to Super Smash Bros. Melee, where she debuted as a playable character. There is something so inherently satisfying about kicking ass in a poofy pink dress and heels. And let’s not forget my favorite part: smashing someone in the face with a cast iron frying pan. As a housewife/SAHM, I just find a cast iron frying pan hilarious as I can see using one as an actual weapon if necessary (those bad boys are so heavy!).

2. Dark Elf/Drow
This would probably be the most challenging to ever do. My biggest concern: How the heck would I darken my skin without being completely (yet unintentionally) offensive?? Plus, many of the costumes have a lot of complex armor elements of which I have no clue how to make. But I’ve always loved the Drow and think it would be awesome to portray one someday!

3. Aerith
As one of my favorite characters of all time, I’d love to dress up as her! My friends and I want to have a Final Fantasy themed Halloween one year, where we each pick our fave FF character to portray, so I think this one is doable at some point

4. Wizard from Harry Potter
This one is definitely doable. My hubs and I both want to dress up as a wizard (he’d be Ravenclaw, I’d be Gryffindor) and we have our little miss be our owl!

5. Link
Even though I love the Legend of Zelda series, I don’t really have a desire to dress up as Princess Zelda. I’m all about Link! Plus, I’d have fun making different items from the games! Ideally I’d make this a family costume, but I’d have to do some serious convincing of the hubs. Though I think he’d make an awesome Ganondorf. My little could either be Princess Zelda (she would love that) but I’d really like her to dress up as Tingle! I think it’d be so cute! And in case you don’t know Tingle, here’s a pic.

Seriously, how cute would that be for a four year old?! Though I’d probably leave off the goatee. 😉

5 Fandom Friday

This weeks theme in the awesome link up hosted by The Nerdy Girlie and SuperSpaceChick is Geeky Clothing Items I Need In My Closet Immediately! Actually, a huge portion of my wardrobe is already geek clothing. My standard outfits consist of jeans and tees, and most of my tees are fandom related. But really, can one ever have enough?!

1. I love The Fifth Element, and this shirt needs to be in my wardrobe. The body outline where LeeLoo crashed through the cab just kills me. It was originally sold on ThinkGeek, but is no longer there – I’d have to hit up eBay to snag one now!

2. Basically every shirt that has art by Megan Lara. I love this Princess Peach one, but almost every design she has is amazing. I’m particularly fond of these: Luna Lovegood, Rapunzel, Tenth Doctor.

3. This Harry Potter bracelet. You can find it all over Etsy, but I like this version as the charms are silver as opposed to gold (I much prefer silver!).

4. Although I don’t think I have the guts to actually wear a bandage dress I am so in love with this one!! I like that the design flows well with the body instead of just being a bunch of random items chucked on.

5. This hoodie!! I live in hoodies in the fall and spring (especially as my grey peacoat lost a button at the end of last fall and I haven’t located another or gotten a new coat) and I love this one with the Hyrule crest. I like that it isn’t just a plain hoodie with the crest slapped on which is what I most often see. Plus, it’s actually a women’s hoodie which I appreciate for the cut. I love a comfy guy sweatshirt, but it’s nice to have a fitted one as well.

I could list so many more! Geek is kind of a staple in my wardrobe. Don’t forget to check out The Nerdy Girlie’s post, and all the other link up posts!

5 Fandom Friday: Gateway Fandoms That Made Me Who I Am Today

The Nerdy Girlie and SuperSpaceChick are hosting a link up for Fridays in October all about fandoms! Since I love any reason to talk about my fandoms, I’ll be joining in and moving Links to the Past to Saturday for this month. It’ll be back next Saturday so stay tuned!

This week’s topic is the 5 gateway fandoms that made me who I am today. Let’s see. . .


1. Sailor Moon
So much of my life has been shaped by Sailor Moon funnily enough. It kicked off my love for drawing and is what got me seriously into art. My walls were pasted with pictures I’d printed out to draw. I owned every VHS movie (I’m 95% sure I’d still cry watching Sailor Moon R: Promise of the Rose). I discovered so many other animes and mangas I love because of it. And it made for some amazing memories in middle school – me and my group of friends playing Sailor Moon at recess! I still love watching Sailor Moon Crystal (though I’m behind by an episode!). It just brings up such wonderful feeling of nostalgia.


2. The Legend of Zelda/Final Fantasy
(Click the pic for the artist’s website – most amazing mashup EVER!! :D) I’ve already talked these games to death while doing the Video Game Blog Challenge last month, so suffice to say they made me realize just how amazing video games can be.


3. Pokemon
I met my best friend of now almost seventeen years because of Pokemon. I was into the games and trading card game, and she was the go-to girl for card trading. We started talking, hit it off, and have been best friends ever since! I can’t imagine my life without her, so I definitely can’t leave Pokemon off this list. I remember the cards being banned in school, and it was the first experience I ever had with adults thinking games/video games were a negative thing.


4. Farscape
This was the first show that made me enjoy the sci-fi genre. I grew up watching the original Star Trek and Doctor Who with my dad, but I was never really into them. I was always a fantasy gal, and just couldn’t get attached to anything in sci-fi land. Farscape changed all that. I fell in love with every character, every storyline, and have enjoyed a lot more sci-fi since then!


5. Harry Potter
Although I didn’t start the series until Book 3 was out, I became immediately hooked. I attended the midnight release for each book thereafter, and holed up for a day just so I could read it in one sitting. I cried reading the final book. I couldn’t believe such a monumental series was over. It’s still one of my favorites to re-read!