30 Days of Lists: March 2014

If you’ve been following along since last year, you know I participated in my first 30 Days of Lists in December. I loved every minute of it. Besides the actual act of making the lists, I loved being introduced and welcomed into a new community of arts-and-crafty like minded people, seeing and being inspired by all the other listers’ work, and finding new blogs to follow along with! Also, it further emphasized just how much I love daily journaling, and is helping me stay inspired to keep creating – whether it be art, scrapbooking, or journaling.

For March, I’m planning on adding my lists to my art journal.

Decorating the cover is a constant work in progress. . .

I already do some daily journaling bits in there, along with random ideas and doodles. I think my lists will make a good addition to it!

Between the Facebook group for listers and more new blogs I’ve found to follow since joining in for March, I’m already super inspired for making my pages. I’d like to incorporate a little more collage into my lists so right now I’m stuck with the dilemma of looking at the lists ahead of time for planning purposes, or waiting for them day to day, and potentially being a bit behind as I put together collages and layouts. Both have their perks and downsides, but in the end I’ll go with what is more fun for me. Since after all, this should be a completely fun and stress free project! Below are just a few of the inspirational list pages I’ve seen, linked to their blogs. Check them out!

Really adore this book by Amanda.

Four gorgeous pages from a previous 30 Days of Lists by Vanessa.

Loving this funky book by Elizabeth!

Inspiring stuff, no? Want to join in the fun? Click on the ‘I Am A Lister’ badge over to the right in my sidebar – it’ll take you to all you need to know! Happy listing!


30 Days Of Lists: Week 1

Last week I mentioned that I was partaking in a fun blog project called 30 Days of Lists. I had no idea just how much fun it would be!

Originally, I wasn’t planning on making a special book for this project. I always keep a makeshift smashbook on hand to jot down ideas, stash magazine clippings in, or take notes about projects I’m planning. So I figured I would just add to that. But as it turned out, I only had three pages left so it wasn’t going to be enough for this project. And once I saw the beautiful books some other bloggers were making, I was longing to do some scrapbooking!



So I made a book. At a yard sale years ago I found four vintage albums (the kind with the cellophane inside to stick your photos under) for a quarter each. They were brand new, still sealed in plastic. Yeah, they came home with me. I used one for the base of my lists book. It’s simple; just fabric covered with a bit of wrapping paper, but it’s exactly what I want. Once the outside was done, I made pages for the rest of the days as well, so now I just have to fill them in and embellish!

My page for days 1 and 2.

It was so nice to scrapbook again. Before this, I hadn’t made any pages in almost two years! Being so busy with other arts and crafts, I’ve mainly switched to digital scrapbooking (using sites like Shutterfly or Blurb), and it was incredibly refreshing to sit down for two hours after my little miss went to bed, spread all my supplies on the living room floor, and just make something! I am hooked all over again.

DSC_0011  DSC_0017
Days 3 and 4.                                Days 5, 6, and 7.

So needless to say, I’m loving this project! Each day is like it’s own little Christmas present in my inbox with a new list prompt. I’m so glad I decided to partake!

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