February Goals

February Goals

Life Goals:

  • Start Marvel paintings. I have some fun plans for doing paintings of each of the Avengers. I have a date I’d like them to be done by; hopefully I can make it!
  • Document February in my Smashbook. I got a Smashbook from my best friend for Christmas, and I’ve decided to use it to document each month, and any special trips/events that happen throughout the year! You’ll see January’s pages soon!
  • Order plant/seed catalogs & plan my garden. I know it’s only February, and spring doesn’t really show up in NH until late April, but I’d like to put some time into planning my garden ahead of time this year, especially my flower beds.

Blog Goals:

  • Send out three more emails to artists. I’ve gotten great responses so far to my artist interview requests (two more up this month!) and I want to keep the emails going so I can stay on schedule with those posts.
  • Stick to my blog schedule. January ended up being a total crapshoot for all things blog. Being sick kicked it off, and then even once I was healthy I wasn’t keeping to the schedule I had planned for posts. I definitely want to remedy that this month, especially since I’ve got some posts I’m quite excited about!
  • Finalize the switch to self-hosted! This is the biggest thing I want to talk about. I have it almost finished, layout wise, then I just need to install a few plugins and it’s good to go. However, my subscription to WordPress Custom Design runs out in TWO DAYS. Since I am so close to the final switch, I’ll be opting not to resign up for that, which means things around here may look a little funky if that expires and I’m not done with the new stuff yet. I’m hoping nothing major will be affected, but if things seem a bit wonky, rest assured they’ll be fixed soon and I can show off my new shiny layout!

Hope you have a great month!

2 thoughts on “February Goals

  1. Neri says:

    Being organised with your seedlings is a really good idea, otherwise you’ll end up like me and remember you wanted to plant a veggie garden 2 months into Summer >.<

    Good luck with the switch over to self hosting! It was tough at the start, but worth every hour I spent sorting out plugins, hehe

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