January Goals Wrap Up

january goals wrap up

January was a pretty 50/50 month. The first half was spent ridiculously sick, and that sucked. But the second half was amazing! Filled with friends, laughter, and all around fun stuff. And despite ‘losing’ half the month to sick time, I still did pretty well with my goals!

Life Goals:

  • Put together and order our 2014 Family Yearbook. SUCCESS! It’s in the mail on it’s way to me right now!
  • Begin filling in the journal/scrapbooks I got for Christmas. SUCCESS! I’ve been keeping up on the daily question prompt book, and my January Smashbook pages are just about complete! You’ll be seeing the Smashbook pages on the blog; I just haven’t decided if they’ll get their own post, or if I’ll include them for a WIP Wednesday.
  • Utilize the IGGPPC website more. FAIL. I follow the blog, but that’s it! In fact, I didn’t even sign up for a penpal this round. I actually don’t even feel too bad about it – at the moment, there are just other things I want to focus on instead.
  • Pick a piece of piano music and start learning it. FAIL. This failed goal makes me so sad. I don’t even have an excuse; I just DIDN’T do it. I’ve played maybe twice this month. Ugh. But (staying positive!) I have 11 more months to improve on this goal!
  • Relax! SUCCESS! Seriously, I’ve done a TON of relaxing. I’m slightly ashamed at the amount of Netflix I’ve watched this month. But truth be told, it felt great. And I’m still keeping up with other projects, so no regrets!

Blog Goals:

  • Join Bookworms In Dresses new link up – Fictional Fridays! SUCCESS! I did two this month (Characters I Love to Hate and Manga) and I can’t wait to do more in February! Now to think of topics – any suggestions?
  • Email a few artists about interviews here on the blog. SUCCESS! I even posted my first interview, featuring the beautiful artwork of Rob Ebben. I have February’s all scheduled out already, and I can’t wait to send more emails to get more set up!
  • Make a decision about my new blog design. SUCCESS(ish) Obviously, you can see I have a new layout. I’m actually not 100% in love with it, but it’s the gist of what I’m looking for. At the moment, I am currently in the middle of getting my site set up as self-hosted, so the final layout will be up soon! I’m aiming towards the end of February to have the whole transfer complete.
  • Promote more. SUCCESS! I’ve been promoting posts on Instagram, and I finally got my Pinterest boards cleaned out and went back to pin some of my posts. It’s definitely something I want to continue doing! As for buying ad space, I opted to save my pennies for now.

 Bring it on February!

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