2014 By The Numbers

I wanted to write a wrap up post for 2014, but I kept starting and deleting, starting and deleting. I just couldn’t get it to come out right! So I decided to do it in a list form since I love them so much! Overall, 2014 was pretty great!

21 graphite portraits drawn

watercolor paintings made

3 camping trips

brand new car

11  plushies made

5 hiking trips

175 blog posts written

completed oil painting

3 new video games played from start to finish

surgery for my cat

9 postcards exchanged via Postcrossing

2 garden beds built

26 letters my daughter learned to write

2000+ photos taken (holy cow, I take a lot of pictures.)

I’m sure there’s more, but those are the biggest things that stood out to me for 2014! What were some of your favorite things of 2014?

4 thoughts on “2014 By The Numbers

  1. Jessica says:

    I think one brand new car is my favorite thing on your list haha! let’s see, I got a brand new USED car this year… an iMac (OMG I’M SO HAPPY) and so many other wonderful things but those two are definitely my favorite. oh yeah and a ps vita… I AM SO SPOILED I seriously want to cry because of how many things my husband buys me. Is that normal??? I just don’t feel like I deserve any of it. WAHHH!! Okay, I’m done. I just had to let out those feelings haha


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