Merry Christmas!!

Popping in to wish you all a wonderful holiday, however you celebrate. We had our little family Christmas at home today, and are spending the rest of the day lazing around in our jammies. Tomorrow will be spent with our families (my mum’s in the morning, his parents in the afternoon) and I’m excited to spend the rest of the week on full veg-out mode!

merry christmas
Our annual in-front-of-the-tree photo on our Christmas morning!

Christmas is such a special time for me. Between seeing all of our friends and family over the week, gift giving, my hubs being home from work, and the constant sounds of laughter, it’s impossible for me NOT to be filled with joy during this time of year. It’s my absolute favorite!

I also just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to all those that participated in my first holiday card swap! It was much more of a success than I was originally planning on, and it filled me to the brim with Christmas cheer! So thanks to everyone who sent cards, and I hope you all enjoyed receiving them as well!

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