December Goals

December is such a crazy month for me. Readers who have been kicking around for awhile know this, but for those who haven’t been following long here’s why. My husband’s birthday, daughter’s birthday, and Christmas are all a week apart from each other. It’s madness. Literally every weekend in December is filled with a party of some sort. Which is so hectic, but so amazing. My house has a constant flux of friends and family, and that is truly a wonderful thing! I’ve got all the planning done, so this month is full of hang on and enjoy the ride moments!

December Goals

Life Goals:

  • Finish all handmade Christmas presents. I’m down to six, and I’m really not sure I’ll have time for all of them. Which isn’t the end of the world, but I’m going to do my best!
  • Keep up with 30 Days of Lists. So far I’m doing great….but we’re only four days in so really that’s not something I’m too proud of yet! XD
  • Survive! Ha, just kidding. But really, I’m setting no other goals this month so I can focus on celebrating and enjoying the busy times!

Blog Goals:

  • Keep up with my Christmas On A Budget posts. This shouldn’t be too hard as they are all planned and drafted on paper, but I still want to make sure I don’t let it slip through the cracks.
  • Push my Holiday Card Exchange! I’d love to get some more people on board to share in some snail mail holiday cheer! I know there are a few bloggers I’d like to send cards to who don’t follow my blog and I need to contact them about that.

Oh, also, I managed to get my Winter/Holiday Header up by December 1st! WOO! This season is one of my absolute favorites. It’s incredibly busy, but so full of joy and love. My header images reflect some of my favorite things about the season!

From left to right:
1. Projects! Between mailing Christmas cards, art gift projects, #30Lists, and my end of year photo projects I am never wanting for something to work on!
2. I tried out a hand lettering image this time, and I like it! I see so many family and friends this month, and I truly relish it. I am a pretty lucky gal to have so many amazing people in my life.
3. My little family. As busy as this month is, I love the days it’s just the three of us out and about playing in the snow. And yes, my little miss ADORES eating snow. It is her favorite part of winter.
4. CHRISTMAS!! I just love Christmas. We put the tree up December 1st, and I love spending each night with the lights on. And yes, I am absolutely one of those crazies who puts the ‘fire’ on their TV as I don’t have a fireplace! Fake ambiance counts right? Right.

What are your December goals?

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