Life In Photos: Newborn Photoshoot

I’ve been thinking a lot about my Life In Photos series lately. I do love it. I love sharing the snippets of my life even if often they are just pictures of my kitties and daughter. However, I have come to realize that I don’t want to do it every week. I think I’d like to scale it back a bit, and only share shots I really enjoy or ones I’m really proud of.

Photography has always been a hobby of mine; I love to document things through photos. That has only expanded since getting my first DSLR camera last year. But I by no means consider myself a photographer in a professional sense. I adore taking photos, and taking them for other people. I love capturing moments for people. But, it’s not something I want as a job. I do it for fun, for the love of it.

Today I’d like to share some photos I took for my best friend. She just welcomed a new baby boy on November 12th, and on Friday I went to do a little newborn photoshoot of him and his big sister. I’m really proud of some of the shots!


This was literally the first shot I took. Sometimes the magic just happens haha! He is such a relaxed baby boy, and he loves to be on his belly!


This was my favorite shot of the two siblings together. The light is a little extreme, even after editing, but it’s grown on me.


This is kind of a strange shot, with a lot of it in silhouette, but I love it! I did another edit where I took the windowsill out and the whole background was white but I ended up not liking it, much to my surprise. It just didn’t look grounded and ended up seeming as if the hands were just floating there. I wasn’t a fan.


The is the same pose as the above photo, but from the other side with the light shining on the little man. Part of me wishes the background were different, but at the same time, I’ve embraced it. The table with it’s few pieces of clutter gives it a personal touch in a way. This is their home, not a studio, filled with love and joy for their new expanded family.


I like so many, but this was favorite shot from the day. He is just so serene and peaceful in his mama’s hands, and I love his little hands in there too.

I could share more, but those were my favorites of the day. I’m hoping to expand on my photography gear and skills with the coming year (in fact, there’ll be a post on that tomorrow!) so Life In Photos will definitely still be kicking around, just not every week.

4 thoughts on “Life In Photos: Newborn Photoshoot

  1. Jessica says:

    What an adorable baby! I am like you, I LOVE taking photos but I am so not a professional. I am always the “Photographer” at family events and I do love it… I just wish I could be in more photos haha whenever I look through them I am in maybe one or two out of a hundred. haha wah!


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