Links to the Past

Hyrule crest

I missed last week’s weekend posts so there’s a lot to catch up on this week! Enjoy!

  • I need one of these Piggyback Riders STAT. It would make hiking trips with the little SO much easier, and she would love the view.
  • This article from the Frozen Moon about being an Anti-Mommy Mom sits near and dear to my heart. It’s long, but it covers the feeling that for her, being a mom isn’t enough – she has to be her own person too. I struggled with that (and the guilt that comes with it) around my daughter’s first birthday, and I can so relate to her post! A fave quote from it: “I want to BE a bigger picture, one where motherhood is just the part of the color scheme in the art of my life.” SO MUCH YES.
  • Minor confession: I have been SUPER disappointed with the Final Fantasy games since FFXII. (I’ve never played FFX, so I can’t judge those). This article about why it’s okay to (possibly) be excited about FFXV, and pretty much describes my exact feelings on the subject of FF.
  • The new trailer for Insurgent is up and I am actually really disappointed. Maybe it’s because I am always cynical about book-to-movie adaptations, but this was just a disappointment. I feel like it’s entirely catered to 3D, doesn’t actually give any sense of the story, and as far as I can remember (though it’s been awhile), this ‘scene’ has NOTHING to do with the book. I know it’s a teaser trailer, but really? Grumble frumble. Your thoughts?
  • One of my favorite YouTubers Mary Doodles has started a new series called How To Art! I know this may seem like a weird pick, as I consider myself pretty competent in the how-to-art department, but I love seeing other artists process and thoughts on the subject. I feel you can never have too much info on a subject you love. Part 1 and Part 2 are up, with more to come! I really like Part 1, and her thoughts on art in general.

And now, some spectacular Sailor Moon fan art.

AHHHHHHH! I am dying of joy over here. Art noveau is one of my favorite art styles, and this series by DA User eri-phyle is just spectacular!! Click her username to see her gallery, which has lots more individual Sailor Scout artwork.

4 thoughts on “Links to the Past

  1. Mandy says:

    I’m assuming the Insurgent teaser is some sort of dream sequence to infuse some action into the film, since practically nothing happens in the book. I’m pretty disappointed in the series in general—I loved the first book, but they got progressively worse/weird (and not in a good way).

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