Mary Kay Clear Proof Skin Care System

I have never been a woman who really struggles with body confidence. Do I have those days where I’m less than happy with how I look? Of course! But overall, my body has never been a huge concern for my. My skin, on the other hand, has.

Clear skin hasn’t really ever been something I’ve had. There is rarely a day without blemishes, and my skin tone has always been quite uneven, with some redness in different areas. As someone who is quite pale, I feel even more self conscious as it seems to emphasize the uneven skin tone. Photos of myself tend to make me cringe as I always focus on my skin. I am definitely guilty a Photoshopping out a giant red blemish on occasion!

clear proof

Therefore, when Influenster gave me the opportunity to test out the Mary Kay Clear Proof Skin Care System I was actually really excited! And also a little nervous. I’ve switched facewashes on multiple occasions as they can be really drying. I tend to have dry skin, and the washes I had been using often exacerbated that. While reading through the Mary Kay products, the warning “Excessive dryness can occur” came up repeatedly and it had me a bit wary.

Influenster Before and After

Luckily, I have had zero issues with it! And my skin looks great. Most days I am blemish free, and I feel like my skin tone seems better overall which is so nice. After using the facewash and two toners, my skin does feel extremely dry, but once I apply the moisturizer it feels amazing. I haven’t had any flaking skin, and it doesn’t feel dry and stretched like with other washes I’ve tried.

clear proof2

I have mainly been using these products once a day, occasionally twice a day. They all say they can be used multiple times a day if you feel the need, but I have found great results with just once! Given how pleased I am with the results, I am considering actually buying this as my regular skin care routine. It’s the first one I’ve tried where I feel like I’ve had really good results, so I’m happy to stick with it!

*These products were sent to me free of charge from Influenster. All opinions are 100% my own.*

9 thoughts on “Mary Kay Clear Proof Skin Care System

  1. Jessica says:

    I’m so happy that you are seeing results! I suffered from acne problems when I was in high school and I swear nothing helped. I still get blemishes now and some redness but it’s nothing like how it was in HS so I try to not worry about it so much. I know this one girl who has THE most perfect skin… I hate her so much. Hahah she’s very sweet but I’ve told her it’s not fair!!! Lol


  2. gamerwife says:

    I’ve suffered from acne most of my life, but I found the oil cleansing method really helped me. Also easier on the pocket book since I use stuff I already have around the house. Glad this is working for you, though.

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