Links To The Past

Hyrule crest

  • Sometimes you just need a good laugh, and this list from BuzzFeed provides it. I lost it at the sea flapflaps. Enjoy!
  • Although I’m sure you’ve already heard all about it, I am still pretty pumped about Marvel’s latest announcements. Most notably the next Captain America and Captain Marvel!
  • While the tone of this article about frivolous crushes is a bit cynical, I really enjoy the writing and how the subject is laid out. I feel there is such a huge difference difference between real love and the ooey gooey lovey feeling you get when you first meet someone, and this article only reinforces that.
  • In case you missed it, I was over at Sincerely, Sara this week taking part in her Books & Looks series! While I’m not too comfortable in front of the camera, I actually had a lot of fun doing the shoot with my BFF!

I’m a big fan of mashups, and this Portals/Zelda is fabulous. I love the Triforce on the side of the gun! Click the pic to see the rest of The Hookshot’s portfolio on RedBubble!

3 thoughts on “Links To The Past

  1. Jenn says:

    I just about died at the bumblebee. I’m pretty sure “sea flapflaps” should be their scientific name. Loving both of the Vice articles you shared, and I think the Pope is a pretty cool dude.

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