Life In Photos #26

Last week I only had a few photos to share, and this week I have tons!! The week was so beautiful that we spent a ton of time outside, and I just kept finding things to photograph! So to start off, here are some of my favorite nature pictures from this week.






honey bee

That last one of the honeybee is my favorite of the week! I’ve been dying to get some close up bee shots, and I finally got a bunch this week. Yay! Anywho, moving on to daily life photos.

kitty snuggles

My cats almost never sit together, so this was a big surprise!


Smoothie + sprawling on the toy box. . .is there a better way to watch a show?

grasshopper split

My daughter absolutely loves bugs. She loved watching this grasshopper do splits in her little bug house! He was pretty happy to be let go. 😉


We took a trip to IKEA this week and my little was quite happy to learn to use an allen wrench and help put together a new little nightstand!

apple picking

Yesterday we went apple picking (one of my favorite fall activities!) and my little was so excited to be strong enough to carry the apple bucket! For a little while at least haha. I can’t wait to bake so many apple yummies!

Instagram RoundUp


Clockwise from top left. . .

1. Eli loves to snuggle UNDER this particular blanket.
2. This restaurant (Mr. Mac’s) is amazing. They make the best mac and cheese I’ve ever had, and have SO many varieties.
3. We are trying to get back into regular board game nights with friends again – played some Eldritch Horror for this round!
4. I started a new drawing just for me! I’ll have more done in time for WIP Wednesday, but I’m really liking it so far!

I’ve got even more pics if you can believe it, but I’m saving them for a fall post in October. I just love how beautiful autumn is! In fact, today I’m off to take even more outdoor pics – we’ve got some new places to explore!

7 thoughts on “Life In Photos #26

  1. gamerwife says:

    Love the macro shots of all the bugs! And I’m super jealous about the apple picking. We haven’t gotten to go yet this year. 😦 Looks like you had a great week!

    • kaycreate says:

      Thanks! We usually wait to go until October – all the varieties of apples weren’t quite ripe for this trip, but the ones I need for baking (Cortland and Macintosh) were ready so yay! The weather was so beautiful this weekend we said let’s just go early!

      • gamerwife says:

        Yeah, I guess there’s still time for us to go, I just found out we were snubbed for an outing this weekend, so I was a little extra jealous.

  2. Jessica says:

    Those shots are BEAUTIFUL!! Your little girl looks so comfy on top of the toy box, my nieces will lay like that on top of the coffee table lol

    The leaves on the trees near me haven’t changed colors, I can’t wait until they do though! Autumn leaves are so pretty 🙂


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