Life In Photos #25 (plus an award!)

Between a little rain, cool weather, and the little miss being gone for a day this week at Mimi’s house, we didn’t do any big walks! Just the short round trip to the post office. And since most of my pics come from fun things spotted outside, it made for a small photo week.


This event is so rare I had to capture it! My little still naps semi-regularly, but it is a rare day she gets so tired that she just crashes out on the couch. So cute!


My tomatoes went insane this year. I have already picked about twenty-five, and I have more than twenty still on the plants outside – and I only planted TWO TOMATO PLANTS. I will certainly be learning to make sauce this year!!


We put a blanket down on top of our rapidly deteriorating already-fixed-by-duct-tape computer chair, and it has become Edgar’s new favorite spot.


And lastly, I baked my third new recipe of the month – Crunchy Nut and Honey Cookies. They came out just fine, but certainly aren’t anything too special so I’m not going to dedicate a whole post to the recipe. Yummy though, and I discovered I like macadamia nuts! Whoo!

In lieu of the usual Instagram roundup (since I wasn’t too active on that this week anyway) I’m going to share an award! Jessica of The Pyreflies nominated my little blog for the One Lovely Blog Award! Thanks so much!!


The Rules Of The Award
1. Thank the person nominating you and link back to them in your post.
2. Share seven things about yourself.
3. Nominate fifteen or so bloggers you admire.
4. Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know.

So here we go, seven random things about me:

  1. I really love to write, but never do it anymore. It’s a confidence thing.
  2. I adore piano music. I find it so incredibly soothing, and inspiring. It’s usually my go-to choice when I draw.
  3. I absolutely hate the taste of cherry, real or artificial. It’s kind of a gross story, but suffice to say it was ruined for me in childhood.
  4. If I were rich, I would own an absurd amount of shoes I’d probably never wear.
  5. My one vice is soda. I don’t smoke, or drink alcohol, but at the end of the day I do love a Pepsi.
  6. I feel naked if I leave the house without earrings.
  7. I’m pretty sure I’d have a mental breakdown if I had to live without lip balm.


And here are thirteen of my favorite blogs (participate if you want to!) that I’ll nominate. Some I’ve followed for awhile, some I’m new to, but they are all blogs whose posts I look forward to in my inbox!

Fiction Incarnate : Gamerwife : incendiarism : My Life as a Teacup : Bookworms in Dresses : Sword of Nerdom : The Beauty Glitch : North East Nerd : Awkwardly Alive and Pleasantly Peculiar : Scrawny Girl : Sincerely, Sara : The Pyreflies : Nerd In The Brain

Check them out if you haven’t!

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