The Video Game Blog Challenge: Questions 12 & 13

More of my gaming info! It’s been such a blast answering these questions. . .though now I want to go back and play all these games again!

12. A Game Everyone Should Play


Beyond Good And Evil, an Ubisoft game released in 2003 for all platforms is a game I consider to be damn near perfect. Trust me, I don’t say that lightly. There was nothing about it I didn’t enjoy. It had so many great aspects – adventure, exploration, great combat, side quests, puzzles, stealth, and more. Yet it never felt like it was too much – all those elements blended together seamlessly. As if the amazingly fun gameplay weren’t enough, it also had great writing, characters, story, and a fabulous female protagonist. It’s a game I definitely recommend everyone play at least once. I’ve played it multiple times, and still love it! It’s just such a great example of how great video games can be.



This article from July says that Beyond Good and Evil 2 is supposedly still happening, but I’ve been hearing that since 2008 so I am definitely in the believe-it-when-I-see-it camp. But you’d better believe if it does happen I will play the crap out of it.

13. A Game You’ve Played More Than Five Times

There are a lot of options for this, as I definitely tend to replay games that I love so I’ll just go with the one I’ve played most. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time. I consider this to be one of the two games that made me fall head over heels, hook line and sinker in love with video games. I first played this at eleven years old, and it was mind blowing. Every aspect from graphics, to gameplay, to music. And it is STILL fun to play.

My hubs surprised me with Ocarina of Time 3DS for my birthday this year, and I about died from joy. I hadn’t played it in a few years and it was magical to play through it again. I’m not sure on the exact total, but I think I’ve played this game around 10 -12 times (including the Master Quest version). One of my all time favorites for sure.


I’m using the questions from the Video Game Blog Challenge found here. All screenshots/photos you see are found via a basic Google image search. Copyrighted to their respective owners.

3 thoughts on “The Video Game Blog Challenge: Questions 12 & 13

  1. nerdinthebrain says:

    Grace love, love, loved Beyond Good & Evil…so much so that when she had to write a “how to” style essay for school, I got to learn about all the details of finding a particular pearl. (I think it was a pearl…there are pearls, right?) 😀

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