Video Game Blog Challenge: Questions 7 – 9

7. Favorite Game Couple

First up is my FemShep and Thane from the Mass Effect series. I loved Thane. He is a drell, which is like a snake/reptile type species, and I always thought he was beautiful. And his story was great too. So my FemShep romanced him, which of course, meant (spoiler alert) that he ended up dying. My favorite characters always die. It’s like subconsciously my brain knows what a sucker I am for a tragedy and psychically picks out which characters will meet their untimely demise for me to weep over. Poor Thane.


Also, Zack and Aerith from FFVII. This stems much more for my love of Aerith than Zack (although once you learn about him, he’s pretty awesome too). Again, a tragic love story as when you meet Aerith, Zack is already dead and Aerith dies halfway through the game. Cue tears. (Also, I know you learn a ton more about them and their relationship in Final Fantasy: Crisis Core which I would kill to play. Alas, I’ve never had a PSP, so I can’t. Blargh).


8. Best Soundtrack

This is super easy – all the Final Fantasy games. I own three different collections of Final Fantasy music – the original FFVII soundtrack, FFVII Piano collections (which is amazing!!) and Final Fantasy 20/20 which is collection of music from all the Final Fantasies performed live by an orchestra and choir in Japan. The music for them is so extraordinary, and I would love to give Nobuo Uematsu a giant hug someday just for making such beautiful music. (On a side note, I should draw a portrait of him). Below are two of my favorite tracks from FFVII Piano Collections, and also Vamo Alla Flamenco from FFIX, which is also amazing. I love to listen to piano music while I draw, and these are such great pieces of music. I am so in awe that JENOVA is just two hands playing. It’s so complex. I have the sheet music for it and it is unbelievably hard to play at speed.


9. Saddest Game Scene

Oldie: Aerith’s death. I mentioned it briefly in my first VGBC post, and it was truly a heartbreaking moment for me. I was so completely enamored with FFVII, and especially Aerith. I sunk hours of time into leveling her, doing all her sidequests, and enjoying every aspect of learning about who she is and why she is so special. To say I was blindsided by her death is an understatement. At twelve years old, I had never experienced a game where you are give a character to love, nurture, and grow and then have them taken away. Gone forever, with no warning. I cried. A lot. And had to stop playing for a few days. It was intense.


As for a recent game, the scene that comes to mind is in the first twenty minutes of The Last of Us. If you haven’t played it and plan to, stop reading now as SPOILERS!!

First, a little personal backstory. I’ve never been that emotional when it comes to family type things in any media (movie, game, or book). Movies that normally pulled at peoples heartstrings never really affected me much. I mean, I could recognize things were sad, but never to the point of crying. Then I had a kid and everything changed. I am now a huge sap. Anything involving families being torn apart or children dying and I’m a weeping ball of tears and snot. So, when twenty minutes into The Last of Us Joel’s daughter gets shot IN HIS ARMS for crying out loud, I was a bawling wreck. In game, full out running from zombies (and the Army) while tears stream down my face on the couch. Now, I’m sure my being a mum has a lot to do with it, but I’ve heard a lot of people sans kids who say even they were pretty moved.



I’m using the questions from the Video Game Blog Challenge found here. All screenshots/photos you see are found via a basic Google image search. Copyrighted to their respective owners.

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