Links to the Past

Hyrule crest

  • I am so in love with this hoodie. Yes, I know it’s a mens hoodie but too bad! I usually buy mens anyway for hoodies – I find them so much more comfy. And although I’ve only played the first Assassin’s Creed game, I just love the design of the sweatshirt.

Leaving you with some creepy Zelda fanart today. 😀

Despite my complete fear of spiders, this digital painting of a Skulltula by Nate Hallinan is pretty rad! Though if they looked like that in the Zelda world, I’d die of a heart attack five minutes in.

6 thoughts on “Links to the Past

  1. Jenn says:

    Well, I definitely was not expecting a realistic-looking Skulltula when I scrolled down. It’s crazy awesome, though! Also, that Assassin’s Creed style hoodie is so cool. I, too, am loving the Harry Potter ambiance tracks.

  2. gamerwife says:

    I really like the variety of colours those hoodies come in, I’m sure you could fit into a smaller men’s size and look super cute and badass. Also, I never would have thought that was a digital painting if you hadn’t told me.

    • kaycreate says:

      I tend to buy men’s anyway – they have more room in the chest area than ladies, which is helpful to me being rather, um, busty haha.
      And I definitely find it amazing how photo realistic you can get with digital work! I like a variety of styles, but photo realism is always fascinating to me.

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