Life In Photos #18

This is a pretty quiet week in photos! But, I spent the majority of this week sick so there was much less picture snapping and much more nap taking. Luckily, I started feeling better on Friday and now am pretty close to 100% again!

magic sorting

We practice sorting geek style in this household! The hubs gives our little all his valueless Magic the Gathering cards and she has quite the collection at this point. We love to dump them out and practice sorting them into piles by not only color, but different background and edging patterns as well. Or she’ll pick the subject (usually, animals) and we sort them out. She loves it!

eli with banana

Oh, Eli and his banana. My kitty Eli has always had a weird obsession with our little’s play food. He loves to bat it around (while ignoring most actual cat toys). He is fixated on the banana, which I find hilarious because he is actually terrified of real bananas! If you set down a banana peel near him, he flattens his ears and body, and tries to slink off as sneakily as possible. It’s so strange. So I guess he must show his dominance to the evil plastic banana.

relaxing on the couch

I snapped this pic of my little watching Milo and Otis one rainy afternoon and I just love it. She looks so grown up. I still call her my baby, the hubs and I both still say things like, “Who will watch the baby?” or “The baby’s sleeping”, but she is definitely not a baby anymore. Damn you parenting cliches and your absolute truth!

Hope the weekend is treating you well!
We’re off to see Guardians of the Galaxy today and I CAN’T WAIT!!!


7 thoughts on “Life In Photos #18

  1. gamerwife says:

    How did you enjoy Guardians? I really liked it. And I lolled hard at the story of Eli and the banana. Our kitty Kala loves to steal *actual* vegetables and fruit off the table. But only to play with.

    • kaycreate says:

      Ha, kitties are so strange!
      I really did enjoy Guardians of the Galaxy. Going into it, the hubs and I were talking about whether we thought it would be as good as Winter Soldier (which we ADORED!!). In the end, I still like Winter Soldier better, but Guardians is just so much FUN. They are almost not really comparable as movies since they are so different from one another. But it was great – it was really nice to have such a fun laugh-out-loud Marvel movie! I love the variety the Marvel universe keeps serving up!

      • gamerwife says:

        Indeed. I actually really like that superhero movies are swinging back into “fun” territory, instead of needing to be dead serious.

  2. nerdinthebrain says:

    I don’t know if I love your cat with his banana or the sorting with Magic cards more. 😀 And she does look quite grown up! I remember taking a picture of Grace when she was 10 and being kind of floored because she looked so very mature…it’s weird what we see through pictures, isn’t it? 🙂

  3. Jessica says:

    Awe the kitty in the background with his eyes shut is so cute (in the last pic) My sister is the same way, her daughter is 4 and she still calls her a baby. 😀 I’m glad you’re feeling better!!! 🙂

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