Links to the Past

A favorite series of mine on many other blogs is a collection of links from around blogs/the interweb that they find interesting. So I figured I’d try out my own! When thinking of a title, I knew it had to be Zelda related. The first thing my brain automatically goes to when hearing ‘link’ is Zelda. So I went with Links to the Past. It’s not that original, and I’m sure I’m not the first blogger to do it, but I love it. And anything else Zelda related. Therefore at the end of each post, I’ll be featuring some fabulous LoZ art. Enjoy!

Hyrule crest

  • I need these immediately.


Zelda A-Z Print from Much Needed Merch

Never mind a kid’s room – this would happily go on MY walls. 

4 thoughts on “Links to the Past

  1. Jenn says:

    I love this idea and the title! That post from The Frozen Moon was a good read. I don’t have kids, but it applies to other areas of life too. Mia’s outfit/body confidence post is probably my favorite blog post of the month. And that alphabet print! I’m most excited that there’s a chicken for the letter C…. I have a bit of a chicken-chasing problem when it comes to Zelda games (and Fable).

  2. Louise says:

    Really enjoyed this post – I found two new blogs out of it – via the post on feminism and the one from Frozen Moon. Both great writers. Thanks for this!

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