Life In Photos #14

I’ve got lots of pictures to share today, as it’s been awhile since my last LiP post. I’ve been a bit neglectful of my camera as I’ve been having a ball using my new phone and posting on Instagram. But now that it has been a few weeks, the initial OOOOOH SHINY excitement of said new phone has worn off, and I’ve been balancing between phone and ‘real’ camera nicely.

Also, a new Life In Photos layout! I’ve been sketching and drawing up lots of new little accessories for my upcoming layout change to celebrate my one year blogiversary, and wanted a new frame for this series. I’m really enjoying the Polaroid look; simple and clean and keeps the focus on the photo.


Having a blast playing with dough on my first ever attempt at making homemade bread by hand. (It wasn’t too shabby!)


My Little Pony comics with Daddy!


All dressed up for Great Grampa’s 83rd birthday.


Finally saved up enough tees for my geek t-shirt quilt! I’ve actually sewn all the rows together since this picture.


My little beauty – I just love her to pieces!


Finally conquered a tunnel slide!! She’d been afraid of them previously, but mustered all her courage and took the plunge! As you can see, it was successful and had to be repeated multiple times.


She built her own fort on the couch and was so proud of herself!


Taken on Father’s Day. My two favorite people in the world. She was so overjoyed that Daddy let her chase him with the hose!

I’d taken a blogging hiatus for the most part over the past two weeks, with only one post per week and it gave me a lot of time to think about where I want this blog to go. I got a lot done, lots of ideas jotted down, and I’m excited for things to come! My one year blogiversary is coming up next week, so stay tuned for a new layout and a giveaway then!


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