I Joined The 21st Century

By which I mean I finally cracked and bought a smartphone. I’d never really needed one (and being 100% honest, I still don’t NEED one) but this summer we have plans packed with trips to places we’ve never been. Fun fact about me – I have ZERO sense of direction. I’m relatively sure I could get lost in our little three bedroom apartment. Seriously. I have quite a few talents, but finding my way around is NOT one of them. I can read a map perfectly, and follow it, but when I’m by myself in a car with a potentially cranky three year old and lost – I don’t want to have to read a map. I want some new-fangled technology to literally tell me where to go. Which the GPS on my smartphone provides. Yay! Plus, my hubs was available for an upgrade on his phone plan so we said, yup let’s get them.

Anyway, the whole point of this now ranting post was to let you know that I joined Instagram, wheeee! I know many people consider Instagram to be awful and lame, but I love it. I mean, it combines taking pics, sharing them with friends, and looking at other cool pictures. Which is something I do daily anyway. So what’s not to love?

Instagram homepage

As you can tell from above I post pics from my daily life (read: child shenanigans, yummy food, crafts, art, and outdoorsy stuffs), and this June I plan on following along with Lu & Ed’s creative daily prompts! Check them out below!

June Creative Daily

Feel free to play along too – no Instagram required! Just take a pic for each daily prompt, and post it to whatever social media (or your blog) you wish with the hashtag for the prompt, and #creativedaily. I love seeing what everyone comes up with.

So if you want to follow along with me on Instagram, click here. There will be a handy dandy button added with my other social media buttons at the top right, but I’m redoing those along with an upcoming layout change so I’ll save the new buttons for the new layout!

The new layout is going to coincide with my one year blogiversary so be on the lookout for it, and a giveaway!

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