April Beauty Box 5 Reveal

Oy, I am so behind on my subscription box reveals! I’ve had these since last week, with all the photos taken. . .just sitting on my computer. But hey, in theory you would have never known that without my blabbing it on the blog here, so really what difference does it make? 😉

This was a hit and miss month with BB5. I’ll start with the misses as ending on a good note always makes me feel better!


I love Jergens lotion, and this is totally not their or BB5’s fault, but if you look in the bottom left corner of the lotion packets you’ll notice a little phrase that says for “Medium to Tan Skin Tones”. HA! By the end of summer, I am lucky if I can move up from pure ivory to ‘light’ skin tone. My legs legitimately look like they glow in the dark underwater. Since this lotion is also a bit of a self tanner, I passed it on to my friend who IS medium-tan so I could avoid looking like an Oompa Loompa.


I’m calling this lipstick a miss, but really it’s my confidence that’s lacking. This looks all lovely and soft pink in the photo, but it actually has a really orange-ish hue to it, which I not only think clashes with my dark red hair, but also makes me look ridiculous. I know that 75% of that is probably my own brain thinking I can’t pull it off, but it’s enough that I wouldn’t wear it anywhere. So it’ll sit in my makeup box until the day my makeup confidence fairy decides to pay me a visit. I will say though, that it went on very smooth and was quite moisturizing. I’ve always found lipstick to be incredibly dry and cakey, so that was unexpectedly great!


I have never. Ever. Used lip liner in my life. Not once. Until this lip pencil showed up, and I gave it a go. And you know what? I’m calling it a win! Despite the fact that I don’t use lipstick, this lip liner by itself gives my lips a really nice soft pink color to them that I love! Plus I can put my lip balm over it for a nice moisturizing boost. And yes, I totally had to read the little instruction card these boxes come with to learn that it is in fact okay to wear lip liner by itself. I am so makeup illiterate!



Yay eye makeup! One of the few makeup applications I can actually do! These colors are so fun, and great for me. I usually do a dark purple when I rock a smoky eye, brown in my day to day color (when I actually wear makeup out) and the gold will just be fun to wear sometime over summer! Definitely pumped about this one.


And finally, my favorite, this travel size can of face wipes. These remove makeup too, and are so handy when you always forget to pack your makeup remover when staying at a friend’s house! Which if you’re like me is just about every single time. I popped this little guy in my purse, and now I never have to worry about it! They remove makeup excellently, and don’t leave my face a dry wreck after which is amazing. Especially because if I’ve forgotten my facewash, I’ve also definitely forgotten my face lotion.

Like what you see? Beauty Box 5 is running some promotions right now for new subscribers! A free gift in your first box (a full-size Bellapierre Shimmer Powder eyeshadow, valued at $14.99) when you sign up for a quarterly or yearly subscription! Mother’s Day is right around the corner – gift her a BB5 subscription and she’ll receive a special gift in her first box. But the deadline is April 30th so sign up quick! Click the link in my right sidebar to get started!

See you next time,
– Kayly

*I am a Beauty Box 5 affiliate, and receive compensation if you sign up via my links.*

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