Enjoying the Weather

I wish I could just move my life outdoors in springtime. But with that being quite impractical, we just spend a boat ton of time outdoors.


Love her shades!

We love to take walks in the area. Just a short distance from us are some really lovely, rural, woodsy roads, with tons to see along the way.


The owner of this little farm was nice enough to let me take pictures of the animals, and even gave my little miss a chicken egg to bring home! We’ve since baked it in with cookies. 🙂




She loved being able to run and play with her cousins, toss rocks into the melting snow streams, and just be outside.

Now that the playgrounds are snow free, we get to spend time playing there too! We took a trip to the park next to our best friend’s house and our girls had a blast. Just can’t get enough of the wonderful weather!





Springtime is just so refreshing. I think at this point in my life, I even like it more than summer.


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