Life In Photos #8

What’s that up top? My new spring header! I know spring started two weeks ago on the calendar, but around here it’s just starting to feel like spring now. The snow is mostly gone, the temps are in the forties and up range steadily, so I figured it was a good time to make the switch. I just LOVE it when the lilacs start blooming around here. We have a couple lilac trees in the backyard and my kitchen table always has a vase of blooms! So fragrant, and such a lovely shade of lavender.

Anywho, despite my lack of blog preparation this week, I did take some time on my kiddo-free day yesterday to throw together a fun new layout in PS for my Life In Photos series. I like this better as it I can post bigger pictures, yay! So without further mumbo jumbo. . .


Om nom nom! One of my favorite spring/summer desserts. Dip, eat, repeat.


My little was so excited to paint her own new pots. There’ll be a bigger post about our planting day soon!


Preschool homeschool has been going well. Last week was animal week, and here she is assembling her ‘Z for Zebra’ craft. We learned things about zebras while putting it together – she loved it!


Planting her flowers and radishes in her newly painted pots.


Edgar is very protective of the tomato plants. . .or he just likes lounging in the sun!

I’ve been plowing away with art as well – more portraits done for the Blogger Portrait series mainly. I’m so ready to do some new fan art though. Since Captain America: Winter Soldier entirely blew my mind with awesomeness this past weekend, I think some of that may be in order!

– Kayly

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