March Beauty Box 5 Reveal

Slacking this week – entirely forgot to prep this post for yesterday! Better late than never?

I am still totally in love with my subscription boxes. Beauty Box 5 has gotten better with each month, and I’m thrilled about it. My skin is certainly appreciating it too as I’ve been slathering it with all my new lotions and wonderful things.


I love this lotion. It feels soft just coming out of the tube. I have naturally dry skin, and at each season change it’s worse, so right now my hands are usually lizard-skin central. I’ve been using this once daily for three days (aka every day that I’ve had it) and my hands are glorious. Seriously. I don’t have any dry knuckles, no dry flaky areas around my nails. I’m in love. Definitely a new staple!


Shea butter has been my go-to since I was pregnant, and this is another great example. I’ve used this brand before, but not this flavor (flavor? Is that right? Scent, perhaps? I digress.) It smells like I need to be immediately transported to a tropical island, Mai Tai in hand. Assuming I liked Mai Tais. It smells fabulous is the point.


Oh, bar soap. Maybe it’s because of my dry skin, but I have never found a bar soap that doesn’t make my skin feel super tight and awful. Unfortunately this is no exception. I’ve tried so many varieties of natural handmade soaps, and none of them seem to work for me. If you like bar soap, I assume you’ll like this. It definitely smells great, it’s just not for me.


Yeehoo, makeup! I love getting makeup in these boxes, especially when it’s something new to me. Now, if any makeup aficionados happen to read my blog, prepare to cringe. I’ve never used a makeup base or primer. In fact, I didn’t even really know what that was until this particular box. On the rare occasion I use my BB foundation, I just use moisturizer first. So the day I got this, I decided to play makeover and see what the fuss was about. Washed my face, applied my moisturizer and let it set, then went to town priming. Holy. Crap. I’m not one to tout products just for the heck of it, but this seriously made such a difference. My skin tone was better and more even, it hid my blemishes better and was totally amazing as an eyeshadow base hiding every single vein and off color spot on my lids; I couldn’t believe it! This also blended seamlessly with my super pale skin. I’m totally sold.


I took two pictures, just because I love it so much.


This facial pad intrigued me. I generally just use a scrub to exfoliate, but I have yet to find a scrub I’m really in love with; they all seem to leave my skin feeling really dry.


So of course, I tested it out. I used my favorite face wash on the scrubby side, wet my face first, and went to town. It was great! My skin was super glowy afterward, as usual after exfoliating, but there was none of the dryness the scrub gave me as I was able to use my regular super moisturizing wash! Love it!


As for the regular soft cloth side (the band flips to the other side, I just forgot to do that for the photo and didn’t realize until after) I don’t know how much I’ll use it. I normally just use a washcloth, but I’m definitely glad to have the exfoliating side!


And as always, the product card. Definitely considering purchasing the hand cream and primer for myself. I really love them!

Until next time,


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