White Hot Chocolate

Despite it being March, and spring is now really right around the corner, here in New Hampshire we are stuck in the low teens and single degree weather, with more snow on the way. As much as I love my state, by the end of winter I am so ready to pack up and move to the tropics. But I must persevere! To help alleviate my end-of-winter blues, I decided to try out one of my favorite things – have a go at a new delicious recipe!


Now I love hot chocolate, and I’m a classic milk chocolate girl all the way, but my hubs has been jonesing for some white hot chocolate as of late. Rather than drop $3 per cup at Dunkin Donuts, I figured I may as well make my own. Apparently the fates agreed. About three days after we had the white hot chocolate conversation,I stumbled upon this post from Ella Claire Inspired  for Vanilla Bean White Hot Chocolate. Perfection!

Due to ingredient availability, I changed mine slightly from the original, so definitely click the link above to view the original recipe. Below is my version!


6 cups whole milk
1 tbl pure vanilla extract
One 14oz can Sweetened Condensed Milk
3 squares Ghiradelli White Baking Chocolate, chopped

Combine milk, vanilla, and condensed milk in a pan on medium heat. Stir together as it heats and remove from heat once steaming. Add in white chocolate, stirring constantly until fully melted.

Pour and enjoy!



My hubs was a happy camper. I topped his with whipped cream and some shaved white chocolate for extra decadence!

I’m not a huge fan of white chocolate, but this was really good! Sweet, that’s for sure, but so creamy and delicious.

This yields a lot. I ended up storing it in mason jars in the fridge. That way when you reheat it (which needs to be done in a pan – the microwave heats too unevenly and can burn the chocolate) you can pour it right back into the mason jar and drink up! I’m always for less dishes to wash.



8 thoughts on “White Hot Chocolate

  1. Eva V. says:

    Reblogged this on Head like soup and commented:
    This just looks so incredibly delicious! I have only ever had white hot chocolate made by others, some really good, some a bit bland, so I am very excited to try this one out. I will let you know how it goes when I find the courage to brave the kitchen (it’s normally the husband that cooks) A must read (and try)!

  2. manchesterflickchick says:

    This sounds delicious! I was just saying to The Bloke that I’m getting board of drinking hot chocolate and wish I could get some white hot choccy like they have in the US. I always eat/drink out of the jar or cartons.

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