Blogger Portrait #2: Meet Kristin from My Life As A Teacup

Time for another blogger portrait!

Meet Kristin of My Life As A Teacup.

Kristin Portrait

This was a super fun one to do. Kristin was kind enough to send me multiple photos to choose from (which was quite hard!) but I settled with this one for a few reasons. Mainly, I felt it captured the essence of her personality that I get from reading her blog. Someone who is comfortable with herself and her style; a little quirky perhaps in a very endearing way. Now, since I don’t know Kristin personally that could be 100% wrong, but the original photo gave me that impression and I wanted to capture it.

What drew me to her blog? A more apt question would be what didn’t! Much like last week’s blogger portrait, I really like that you  know she is a real person behind her blog. And the majority (as in I’d estimate at least 98%) of her posts are all subjects I’m interested in! One of the first posts I ever read on her blog was this Batman for Beginners post. After reading it, I knew I was going to love her blog. While her topics vary, a lot of them are literature-based which, being an avid reader, I love. I’ve added many a book to my Goodreads lists thanks to her posts! She is also where I discovered the 30 Days of Lists Project, which I absolutely adore!

Kristin also has great post series. They range from a weekly gratitude post, links to cool things around the internet, and my favorite one: For the Love of a Linguaphile. It’s a very simple series – every week she posts one word and it’s definition. Some are words I know, but most I don’t and I love learning new words to add into my vocabulary! Some examples that I have loved learning:


There really isn’t a thing about her blog I don’t like. She is an excellent writer which makes her posts even better. She just posted a personal essay she wrote about her hometown of Pittsburg, and it was great! Hopefully we’ll be lucky enough to read more of them! I definitely recommend you stop by, look around, leave some love, and start following along.

Who will next Monday bring? Come back and see!


Blogger Portrait #1: Alycia

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