1AM Promise: February Purchases

How is it the end of another month already?! I feel like February passed so much quicker than January did, but then again, I’ve been super busy with projects (does binge watching Vampire Diaries on Netflix count as projects?? I’m going with. . .yes). Seriously though, February was jam packed with art mostly! But I did manage to squeeze in time to do some indie shopping online.


I’m at it again. More stickers from Scrawny Girl Shop. Apparently Shawna (the creator/owner) has zeroed in on my exact love of her illustrations and stickers because I just can’t resist them! These guys are going to be used to decorate my 2014 planner (yes, I know we’re already two months into 2014 but I haven’t quite gotten around to it yet….shhhh….). And perhaps adding more of them to my art journal so I can stare at them more.

Besides the stickers I decided to go out on a limb and buy a new candle! I love candles, burn them almost constantly in my house, and am rapidly dwindling my supply. So I figured a new one was in order. Bubble and Geek offers tons of different soy candles in nerd-themed scents. How perfect is that?! It was so hard to decide which one to buy, but given that spring is on its way (supposedly) I opted for Hobbit Garden. Besides being a huge LoTR/Hobbit dork, the scent sounded really pleasing.


I’m not going to lie, I was nervous about this one. Blind ordering a candle is pretty risky. What if I hate the scent?!

In this case I was supremely happy!! It smells fabulous. It’s actually sweeter than I was expecting, which is perfect for me as I usually gravitate towards sweeter scents. It also burns quite milder than I thought it would, which I also really love. Even scents I adore can be too much when they are super strong for hours on end.


The above photo is after it’s been burning for about 12 hours, so it’s got a good life to it! I’m definitely happy with it, and will certainly order more from their shop.

Loving my indie buys this year. I’ve got some ideas for what I’m looking for in March, so stay tuned next month to see what I drum up!


One thought on “1AM Promise: February Purchases

  1. Sonya says:

    I have one of Shawna’s stickers on my poetry notebook and I love it. I really want her woodland set.

    I get really weird about buying candles online to for the exact same reason of scent, but I think if you know what kinds you prefer it’s not too risky. Like I know I don’t like spiced scents most of the time, so I wouldn’t get one online, but I really love foods and florals, so I consider those to be pretty safe bets.

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