Life In Photos #6

Snowed in today! With gymnastics for the little miss closed with the weather I anticipate some serious snow play happening this afternoon. Here’s what’s been happening around here lately. . .

Life In Photos #6

  1. So focused while she got to paint on her BIG posterboard. She was thrilled, and took her time so carefully!
  2. Making a new batch of homemade All Purpose Cleaner. I make the majority of our cleaners – it’s much cheaper and I feel better not having harsh chemicals around. Super easy recipe: Soak orange/lemon peels in a mason jar full of white vinegar for two weeks. Strain, and mix 50/50 with water into a squirt bottle. Add 10 -15 drop tea tree oil, and shake gently. The tea tree oil acts as a disinfectant so you can still use it to safely wipe up things like meat juices.
  3. I started collecting washi tapes to use in projects. Why, oh why did I do this?! They are so cute, and so addicting to pick up! Luckily, I’ve been using them steadily so I they’re not just collecting dust in a box!
  4. My little miss is growing up so fast. We started practicing our writing at home – learning to write her name, the ABCs, and her numbers. She has a few dry-erase books like the one pictured – I love them and so does she!

What have you been up to recently?

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