Walk Off the Earth

On Tuesday, my brother and I got to take a fantastic roadtrip to Portland, ME to see Walk Off the Earth!! If you haven’t heard of them, I highly recommend checking out some of their music. They are the most talented musical group I think I’ve ever seen, and definitely the best concert I’ve been too. They all play multiple instruments, and their show was absolutely incredible. You expect to see a band and have them sound like their CD, for the most part. These guys sound BETTER. They don’t just come on stage and perform, they make music. Besides being 100% interactive with the crowd, in between songs (and sometimes mid-song) they would rock out these jam sessions of pure, fantastic, music. No lyrics, just jamming out. It was incredible. That and who doesn’t love a concert involving confetti, glitter, and gigantic balloons?! It was such a fantastic night – full of dancing, singing, and cheering until we had no voices left. Below are some of my favorite vids they’ve posted. Check ’em out!

This is a cover of their own song REVO in Paris – I don’t know which version I like better!

I think this is my favorite cover they’ve done.

Another original, I think this is my second fave.

The single off their latest album.

You may be thinking, where are the concert pictures?! I actually opt not to bring a camera to concerts. I find that when I do, I spend more time focusing on taking photos than I do enjoying the concert I’m there to see! I think the memories of being fully in the moment at the show far outweigh any photos I could take. I did get some souvenirs though – besides my ticket obviously.


I consider it a requirement to get a t-shirt when I go to a concert (unless it’s a band I’ve seen before and already have one) but this time I decided to get a sweatshirt instead! I had JUST ripped a hole in only acceptable-to-wear-outside-the-house hoodie so this was a perfect time to get a new one!

DSC_0027 DSC_0026
The front and back of my sweatshirt – covered in cat hair now since it’s been in my house for more than 10 seconds.

Also, the band that opened for Walk Off the Earth was called Parachute (whom I had never heard of) and they were awesome! We headed out to the lobby during their last song so we could snag CD’s and then get them signed before WOTE came on.


I was so glad I got to go to this show just me and my brother. Despite a rather separated childhood, my brother and I are really close as adults. He lives a couple hours away from us, but comes up quite often which I really appreciate. I love that our little miss gets excited when her uncle is coming up! That being said, there is rarely a time that I see my brother where we aren’t with family around, which is great! But it was SO nice to have a night together where I didn’t also have to be mom, and wife. I could just be me, my bro’s little sister, and we could crank the music and sing at the top of our lungs, and use swear words in our conversations if we wanted to. A refreshing change from the norm!

Me and my bro circa 1989ish.

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