Life In Photos #4

A few happenings from this past week.

LifeIn Photos#4

1. I made a cinnamon candle – the easiest DIY candle ever. Take an unscented candle of any size. Break raw cinnamon sticks to roughly the same size. Hot glue them onto the sides. Burn, and smell yummy cinnamon in your house.

2. My teabags have puns/silly sayings on them. This one cracked me up, silly as it is (click to enlarge).

3. My little miss has been SO in love with her new paints she got for Christmas! Daily painting for us.

4. Turkey burger or Krabby Patty?? You tell me!

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2 thoughts on “Life In Photos #4

    • kaycreates says:

      I love bad jokes as well – though my weakness for puns is worse! And bahaha death-candle – took me a minute then I was like, RIGHT, cinnamon. Sooo, not the best DIY for you!

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