30 Days of Lists Week 2

Cruising right along with the #30Lists project! I can’t believe it’s halfway done already. Prepping my pages ahead of time has been a huge boon to me; now even when things get crazy around here I can still snag five minutes after my daughter goes to bed and write my lists down.


For day 8 the original prompt was more geared to Christmas movies on your movie watching list. I’m not a big Christmas movie gal and since they encourage altering the prompts to suit you better, I changed it to movies I want to see both this year and next.


I really like Day 12 (Places I Went This Year), as it was great to remember all the places we took our little miss. Our family runs on a pretty tight budget, so we don’t really get to do big trips or travel to far off places, but we still manage to get in plenty of local or not-too-far trips!


I am adoring this project!

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