Fill In The Blanks

Alycia of Habitual Homebody had this list up on her blog awhile back, and I liked it! So I snagged it, and here are my answers. Also, the above image is NH in the fall near a stream in the woods where my daughter and I play. It’s so beautiful here!

Making: Lots and lots of ART
Cooking: I think some veggie pasta is on the menu for tonight.
Drinking: Tea
Reading: The Way of Shadows
Wanting: Cute fall sweaters and boots I can’t afford.
Looking: At my living room walls, wishing they’d paint themselves.
Playing: Just finished The Last of Us. . .it was incredible. And terrifying. And incredible.
Wasting: Time watching TV Shows on Netflix instead of being productive. . .right now Fringe.
Sewing: Bought a sweater at a thrift shop for $2 that was two sizes too big for me. . .just took all the sides in and now it fits perfectly. WIN!
Wishing: That I didn’t need to sleep so I’d have more hours in the day to do art.
Enjoying: My life. I know that’s cheesy, but things are pretty spectacular at the moment.
Waiting: For me to blink and it will be Christmas. . .I feel so unprepared.
Liking: Walk off the Earth. They are an incredibly talented band, and I’m super into all their stuff lately, both originals and covers.
Wondering: If I’m going to be able to finish painting my living room before my daughter’s birthday party. . .
Loving: All the art I’m doing lately. It’s nice to be happy about all the pieces I’m doing!
Hoping: We can afford all the expenses coming up in the next few months – birthdays, Christmas, and finishing my daughter’s big girl room.
Marveling: At the rate my daughter learns things. It’s amazing what she picks up and remembers.
Needing: To vacuum.
Smelling: Some fabulous Hazelnut Cream candles I got. . .so yummy.
Wearing: Pajamas. Yup.
Following: My own path.
Noticing: That my living room is a disaster of toys at the moment. I should probably pick them up. Eh.
Knowing: That my daughter is turning three in a month and I have no idea where that time went.
Thinking: About whether or not we are going to have more kids in the future.
Feeling: Incredibly happy, along with the nagging cynicism of when will the other shoe drop?
Bookmarking: Crafts for my kiddos, pink dinosaur party ideas (as that is what my little miss wants for a birthday theme), and music to add to my iPod.
Opening: My pencil case.
Giggling: At my cat, who just stretched and fell off the desk. Priceless.
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