Last Week We. . .

  • Built ye olde blanket fort in the living room.


  • Did some serious Playdough playing.

DSC_0070      DSC_0071


  • Worked on lots of artwork.
  • Had my little girl’s second gymnastics class. It was Beam Week at the academy, so she got to walk on all the balance beams (holding my hands for the tall ones of course), and practice balance exercises. So fun!
  • And lastly, my most favorite thing we did was make some homemade chocolate syrup. We got the recipe from Tanya over at Mystic Eyed Rambler – click here for the recipe post! I was super happy about this as chocolate milk is one of my missy’s favorite treats, but the store-bought stuff is just jam packed with High Fructose Corn Syrup. So now, we have an HFCS-free option, that is just as delicious as the junky kind. Thanks, Tanya!


Until next time,

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